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Beaura Spa can help you fight the creeping signs of aging.

kim_spa_new_jersey_coordinatorThere are solutions to the ever growing pace at which our skin shows signs of aging.  If we are cognizant of some tell-tale signs, we can be ready to step into action to reverse or slow down the aging process.  Of course, sound cleansing routines should begin early in our lives to ward off the “creeping signs” of aging.  In the event you are beginning to notice these changes regardless of how subtle, the following knowledge should be beneficial:

  • DULL COMPLEXTION:  Regular cleansing and exfoliating will reduce the lack luster appearance of a dull complextion.  When dead skin cells are allowed to remain, they can block the passage of any serums and/or moisturizing products that you may be using. Also, “free radicals” in the environment can react with dirt and oil to damage skin over time.

SOLUTION: We recommend visiting Beaura Spa for periodic exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion or micropeel followed by an infusion of hydrating nutrients and vitamins.  This will help to revamp the luster that time and harsh weather has produced. Our full line of Skinceutical and Obagi skincare home products sold at the Paramus New Jersey Spa are also highly recommended.

  • DARK SPOTS/HYPERPIGMENTATION:  The sun’s damaging UV rays over time produce skin that is every bit as aging as wrinkles.  UV rays stimulate the body’s melanin to produce dark pigment as protection. The result is unfortunately, discoloration which is photo-damage.

SOLUTION: Choosing a sunscreen protection from UVA/UVB damaging rays and using it daily will protect from photo damage.  Even if you believe the damage was done long before, the sun has a cumulative effect on our skin. We recommend Skinceutical Sheer Physical defense SPF 50 or Obagi Sun Shield SPF 50 for maximum protection.  Beaura Spa’s  Photo-rejuvinating laser facial or Obagi skincare home products followed by an Obagi “Blue” peel will also help correct the damage.

  • DRYNESS/DEHYDRATION: Cold air and arid indoor conditions breakdown the skins protective barrier. Skin appears blotchy, flaky, “older” looking

SOLUTION: Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Beaura Spa sells various skincare moisturizers and serums to help advance your skin to a luminous glow. In addition, modern science has afforded us with “Profusion” an infusing delivery method obtained at our Paramus New Jersey Spa.   We can now infuse the skin with nutrients and peptides where results are immediate!

  • PUFFY EYES/UNDER EYE BAGS: Those annoying dark circles and dreaded puffiness may be a heriditary issue or attributed to rapid weight loss, even yo-yo dieting.

SOLUTION:   Getting more sleep and possibly changing your position from stomach or side to sleeping on your back may help drain fluid that can accumulate around the eye area. Of course every women should be using an eye cream specific to their needs. Beaura Spa suggests A.G.E. eye cream by Skinceuticals or Elastaderm by Obagi Medical products for rapid relief of symptoms.


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