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Created and Developed To Deliver Medically Proven Results. Available Only Through Specially Trained Medical Offices. Dr. Paul M. Parker knows that the Obagi Nu-Derm skin care line can reduce the effects of a summer spent in the sun, as well as the build-up of years of sun damage, because he uses these products himself.

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Obagi® NU-DERM for Skin Health© Restoration

Obagi NuDermThe Obagi® NU-DERM Cream Program was the first cream program designed for overall Skin Health© and Skin Fitness. The program was created by Dr. Zein Obagi, internationally known and respected dermatologist. These products are available only through doctors specially trained in the practice of Skin Health and Skin Fitness. Each product has been formulated to work in conjunction with the others to create each patient’s individual regimen to insure effective and harmonious results.

As the term “Skin Health” indicates, the Obagi® NU-DERM Program is primarily concerned with promoting and restoring your skin’s health and fitness.

New! Obagi® NU-DERM Hydrate™ Facial Moisturizer

Obagi Skin Care

This is a serious moisturizer for all skin types. Containing Hydromanil, a natural plant-based moisturizer, Hydrate™ protects your skin, helping keep its natural moisture in while it gradually delivers additional hydration to the skin for up to 8 hours. For an additional boost, Hydrate™ includes shea butter, mango butter, avocado, and glycerin to help your skin combat dryness. Hydrate’s gentle formula is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, allergy tested, and hypoallergenic, and it will not block pores.

If you have not yet found a moisturizer that gives your skin the hydration it needs, it’s time to try Obagi® NU-DERM Hydrate™.

Learn How Obagi NU-DERM Helps Corinne Look Her Best

You may call the Beaura Spa for more information about Obagi® NU-DERM products directly at 201-967-1756.

Obagi’s Condition & Enhance System

Purchase Obagi’s Condition & Enhance system containing everything you need (except Retin-A, which may be purchased separately) to “transform your skin.”

Spa Coordinator Kim Ashton at the Beaura Spa says, “The Obagi kit of products is designed to turn that around with a daytime and nighttime system. It works because it changes the formation of new cells so that the skin looks brighter and healthier.”

Obagi Skin Care

The system is a process. Aestheticians at the medical spa in New Jersey instruct their clients in the use of an at home kit. The kit includes a cleanser, toner, bleaching agent, exfoliating agent, and Retin-A, used in conjunction with a blender product which facilitates the penetration of Retin-A more deeply into the skin. For more aggressive treatment, the Obagi Blue Peel in NJ, a trichloroacetic acid peel applied in layers, can be used. This peel penetrates into the dermis layer of the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Parker says, “Having patients on the Obagi products for several weeks before the peel prepares the skin and facilitates deeper penetration of the peel for maximum corrective effects.” He adds that, “I’ve been using these products myself for over 5 years because most of my recreation activities are outdoors. I wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, but the sun can still penetrate the skin. These products help reverse the sun damage that gets through. They not only correct sun damage, but make the skin look healthier and act to prevent skin cancer.”

The system works progressively over several months. Results are visible within the first few weeks. With consistent use, the Obagi products continue to brighten and tighten, leaving behind healthy looking skin. The products work on a cellular level, repairing the damage caused by the sun.

Bergen County Skin Care Bergen County Skin Care

Before & After 12 Weeks of Obagi Condition & Enhance

Bergen County Skin Care Bergen County Skin Care

Before & After 12 Weeks of Obagi Condition & Enhance

With all the other products available to treat the skin, why does Dr. Parker personally use and recommend the Obagi system as part of his Bergen County skin care line at the Beaura Spa? “Dr. Obagi is an excellent clinical dermatologist and he has really studied the science of the skin.” He adds, “Over the years, he has put together a group of scientifically developed products which work to bring about healthy skin carefully observing these effects in his own patients.”

“To undo the affects of summer fun,” says Kim. “we recommend the Obagi products for a healthy approach to skin care correction. Once our clients see what it can do for them, they come back for more.”

The Beaura Spa is part of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, Paramus, NJ and offers the expertise of their certified and licensed aestheticians for optimal skin care. Under the direction of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker, the spa provides medical strength products like Obagi Nu-Derm and the Obagi Blue Peel so that their patients can obtain natural looking results in a safe, nurturing environment.

NEW! Obagi ReGenica Facial Rejuvenation Complex

Our latest addition to our Obagi line, ReGenica Facial Rejuvenation Complex is a must-have product to accelerate healing after your facial rejuvenation treatment at our Spa.

A clinical study showed that ReGenica Facial Rejuvenation Complex helped patients speed up their recovery time after laser resurfacing by as much as 3 days. It’s proprietary blend of proteins and growth factors promotes your skin’s renewal and replenishes moisture for a powerful healing boost.

Even better, you’ll enjoy using ReGenica. Its luxuriously smooth texture feels fabulous, and its pleasant scent sets it apart from many other products containing growth factors.

Obagi ReGenica Facial Rejuvenation Complex is a brand new product, available only through select skin care professionals like those at Beaura Spa.

Call us at 201-967-1756 for details on availability.

Obagi Blue Peel New Jersey

Obagi Blue Peel at Beaura Spa Paramus NJ: the Frugal Face Lift
Safe and effective, the Obagi Blue Peel is used only on patients following the Obagi regime at home. It reverses sun-damaged skin and skin suffering from premature aging. After a minimal recovery time, your skin will look and feel more vibrant and youthful.

As a medical spa in New Jersey, the Beaura Spa stresses customized care and patient education when using these products. The Obagi products are of prescription strength and their use can be tailored to fit all skin care needs. The Obagi Blue Peel in NJ, because of its deeper penetration, is used to treat deeper lines and wrinkles caused by more severe sun damage.

One to four layers of the TCA blue peel are used in performing the peel. A blue dye allows the aestheticians to monitor the depth of penetration and adjust the layers as needed. “Afterwards, it’s like having a sunburn and the skin peels over the next several days. Within a week, patients can be out and about, getting back to normal activities,” says Dr. Parker.

Beaura Spa Patient Before & 3 Days After Blue Peel

Blue Peel Results

Beaura Spa Patient Before & 4 Days After Blue Peel

Obagi Blue Peel results

What is unique about the Obagi Blue Peels?

Unlike alpha-hydroxy peels or other superficial procedures, the Obagi Blue Peel allows your doctor to control the depth of the peel and the number of coats applied in order to tailor the process to your skin’s specific needs. The Obagi Blue Peel can even be performed on the neck, chest, hands, back, arms, and legs.

To schedule an appointment, you may call the Beaura Spa directly at 201-967-1756.

ELASTILash Eyelash Solution by OBAGI

Obagi Skin Care

With ELASTILash eye solution, gorgeous eyelashes are now for everyone! Seven of 10 patients reported the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes in as early as six weeks.

How is ELASTILash Different?

  • No prescription necessary
  • No need to change wand with every application
  • No evidence of darkening or change in iris pigmentation

Can ELASTILash Work for Me?

ELASTILash may be ideal for patients with light eye and skin color. See the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes in as little as 6 weeks!

Clinical Results of ELASTILash

Photos below are reversed fluorescent images. Photos have not been retouched. Photos supplied by Obagi, the manufacturer of ELASTILash Eyelash Solution. Results may vary.

Elastilash Paramus NJ

Baseline; 6 weeks

Elastilash Eyelash Solution Paramus NJ

Baseline; 6 weeks

Elastilash Eyelash Solution Bergen County NJ

Baseline; 6 weeks

You may call the Beaura Spa for more information about ELASTILash directly at 201-967-1756.

Introducing the new ELASTIderm® Eye Complete Complex™ Serum

Great news! We have a new product that you are sure to love—introducing the new ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum. This next-generation, patented ELASTIderm Eye formulation has the same proven bi-mineral complex and malonic acid as the Eye Cream and Gel, plus the added benefit of caffeine to help reduce under-eye puffiness! Additionally, the innovative rollerball technology optimizes delivery of the serum to help improve elasticity and tighten the delicate periorbital skin.

The ELASTIderm Eye formulation you love, now with the added benefits of caffeine!

Feeling a little tired? Give yourself a boost of caffeine! We’re not talking about your morning coffee, but actually a new eye serum by Obagi that will wake up your eyes! Introducing the new ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum—the next-generation ELASTIderm Eye formulation, now with the benefits of caffeine delivered via an innovative rollerball technology!

ELASTIderm by Obagi

Caffeine is an antioxidant that helps reduce puffiness under the eyes, and the ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum combines this key ingredient with bi-mineral complex and malonic acid to help replenish elasticity and support collagen for tighter, smoother-looking skin. So get your dose of caffeine and look refreshed and awake with the new ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum.

ELASTIderm® Eye Complete Complex™ Serum helps tighten delicate skin around the eyes

The proven ELASTIderm Eye formulation you love, now with the benefits of caffeine.

  • Bi-mineral complex: Helps replenish elasticity and support collagen for tighter, smoother-looking skin
  • Malonic acid: Helps stimulate the production of healthy skin cells for overall skin improvement
  • Caffeine: Improves appearance of under-eye puffiness

Soothing, innovative rollerball technology

  • Helps reduce under-eye puffiness
  • Optimizes delivery of serum for firmer, youthful-looking eyes

Bergen County Skin Care Bergen County Skin Care

Before & After 8 Weeks of ELASTiderm Eye Products

Patient satisfaction

Here’s what a majority of patients had to say:

  • Preferred—ELASTIderm® Eye Complete Complex™ Serum was considered better or much better than the product they usually used
  • Satisfied—The Serum met or exceeded expectations
  • Convinced—They will purchase the Serum in the future

Learn How to Use Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Complex