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At Beaura Spa, we understand the challenges that most of us have when exposed to the seasonal changes in weather. The Winter months can be especially difficult. In an effort to keep our patients prepared and informed, we have found the following tips extremely useful.

  1. HYDRATION: The winter months can tend to leave your skin dehydrated as cold dry air depletes your skin of moisture. Consulting with our aesthetic providers will help guide you in upgrading your moisturizer to a more emollient formulation or enhancing your current moisturizer with a hydrating serum.
  2. EXFOLIATION: It is very important to exfoliate your skin during the winter months. When ridding the skin of dead, dry cells it appears more radiant. Your products will penetrate more thoroughly creating better performance. Makeup application goes on evenly and looks flawless. Our trained aestheticians can suggest the best method of exfoliation for you from our array of skin services.
  3. SUN PROTECTION: UV rays are present all year round, not just the Spring and Summer months! Do not stop using your sunscreen! Very Important!
  4. NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Consider nutritional dietary supplements to improve your skin’s water retention capacity. Although benefits of Omega-3 oils have been much more publicized, the health benefits of Omega-6 oils are less well known. Omega-6 oils found in high concentration in flaxseed oil and borage oil may provide significant benefit to your skin and help support your body’s natural moisture factor.
  5. HUMIDIFICATION: You may not be able to change the weather conditions outside, but you can alter the inside environment with a humidifier. Most indoor heating uses dry air. Humidifiers are an effective and inexpensive way of consistently enhancing the moisture content of the air throughout your home and office.

For a consultation or appointment, please call (201) 967-1756 or contact us on our website. We eagerly await the opportunity to share with you our cutting edge, non invasive skin care approaches, including Microdermabrasion, Micropeel, Isolaz laser facials, hydrating Profusion processes to name a few, as well as Medical Spa grade homecare products.

As always, thank you for choosing Beaura Spa at Parker Center.